Hiya! Welcome to my humble blog. By mere coincidence, you might have stumbled into this page. Well, I am sorry if you might be disappointed. However, now that you are here, please be free to wander around. There is a navigation on the right side, just click on the words and prepare to be amazed. LOL. However, if you remain unsatisfied, might as well click that red button with an [x] on it to navigate away. That's all


This layout was created out of pure nothingness. It just aims to tell people of my fondness of the concepts of SIMPLICITY AND COMPLICATEDNESS. I like blacks and whites. So let's all see CONTRASTS in everything.

I am your normal 17 year old guy. A Nursing student in UST. Struggling with Chemistry. Joined t-shirt design contest in the College. Joined the pre-pageant for Mr./Ms. Nursing Personality. I am a BLOGGER.
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